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Summit Interfaith Council
as of Wed Jul 23 23:14 2014

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However Please Note: This is a closed list. It only accepts email from people on the list or from people on the staffs of the participating congregations. Note also that the actual email addresses have been removed from this web page in order to prevent them from being picked up by spammers. Members of the Council should consult their hardcopy directory for individual email addresses.

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1. AltMuslimah:  Nadia Mohammad (Associate Editor)     

2. Calvary Episcopal:  Rev Matthew Corkern (Rector)   (908)277-1814  
3. Calvary Episcopal:  Diana Clark (Asst. Rector)   (908)277-1814  
4. Calvary Episcopal:  Chris Whitaker (Youth, Outreach Min.)   (908)277-1814  
5. Calvary Episcopal:  Matt Potter (Parish Admin.)   (908)277-1814  
6. Calvary Episcopal:  James Little (Organist)   (908)277-1547  
7. Calvary Episcopal:  Rev Robert Morris (Priest Associate)   (973)477-3128  
8. Calvary Episcopal:  Rev Diana Clark (Associate Rector)   (908)277-1814  

9. Central Pres:  Rev Donald Steele (Senior Pastor)   (908)273-0441  
10. Central Pres:  Rev John Illian (Assoc. Pastor)   (908)273-0441  
11. Central Pres:  (vacant) (Dir. Youth Min.)   (908)273-0441  
12. Central Pres:  Nancy Steiner (Bus. Admin.)   (908)273-0441  
13. Central Pres:  Susan Haig (Lay Leader)   (908)273-0441  

14. Christ Church:  Rev Julie Yarborough   (973)635-2373  
15. Christ Church:  Rev Chuck Rush (Sen. Minister)   (908)273-5549  
16. Christ Church:  Rev Caroline Dean (Youth Minister)   (908)273-5549  
17. Christ Church:  Mark Miller (Minister of Music)   (908)273-5549  
18. Christ Church:  Cheryl Levy (Administrator)   (908)273-5549  

19. Christian Science:  Isabelle Cunningham   (973)543-2171  

20. Congregation Beth Hatikvah:  Office   (908)277-0200  

21. Fountain Baptist:  Rev Jerry Sanders (Sen. Pastor)   (908)273-1199  
22. Fountain Baptist:  Rev Antonio Porter (Assoc. Pastor)   (908)273-1199  
23. Fountain Baptist:  Rev Vernon Williams (Asst. to Pastor)   (908)273-1199  
24. Fountain Baptist:  Brandon Flanders (Min. of Music)   (908)273-1199  
25. Fountain Baptist:  Brandon Flanders (Min. of Music)   (908)273-1199  
26. Fountain Baptist:  Rev Greg Davis (Youth Minister)   (908)273-1199  
27. Fountain Baptist:  Rev Joyce McDonald (Youth Minister)   (908)273-1199  

28. Interweave:  Office (Admin)   (908)277-2120  
29. Interweave:  Janet Haag (Director)   (908)277-2120  
30. Interweave:  Rev Robert C Morris (Founder)   (973)477-3128  
31. Interweave:  Victoria Whitfield (Office Administrator)   (908)277-2120  

32. Ministerio Monte Santo:  Carlos Salas (Pastor)   (973)635-2161  

33. Mt Olive Temple:  Rev Shedrick Roberts (Pastor)   (908)273-4181  
34. Mt Olive Temple:  Rev Randolph Hargrave (Asst. Pastor)   (908)273-4181  

35. Overlook Hospital Chaplains:  Rev Dr Catherine Bickerton   (908)522-2568  
36. Overlook Hospital Chaplains:  Rabbi Bill Horn   (908)522-2568  
37. Overlook Hospital Chaplains:  Sr Pat Murphy   (908)522-2568  
38. Overlook Hospital Chaplains:  Eileen Cox   (908)522-2568  

39. Pilgrim Baptist:  Rev Ronald Allen (Pastor)   (908)273-2704  
40. Pilgrim Baptist:  Rev Rose C Dean (Asst. Minister)   (908)273-2704  

41. Quaker Meeting, Chatham-Summit:  Robin Whitely (Comm. Rep)   (973)635-2161  

42. Renaissance Church:  Office (Admin)   (973)921-2945  
43. Renaissance Church:  Rev Richard Teeters (Pastor)   (973)921-2945  
44. Renaissance Church:  Clay Porr (Exec. Pastor)   (973)921-2945  
45. Renaissance Church:  Beckie Laubscher (Children's Dir.)   (973)921-2945  
46. Renaissance Church:  Tammy Tobitsch (Business Mgr.)   (973)921-2945  

47. St John's Lutheran:  Rev Gladys G Moore (Pastor)   (908)273-3846  
48. St John's Lutheran:  Ken Bryson (Interm Dir of Music)   (908)273-3846  
49. St John's Lutheran:  Vicar Blake Scarlet (Intern)   (908)273-3846  
50. St John's Lutheran:  Christine Vasilow (Church Admin)   (908)273-3846  

51. St Teresa:  Rev Brian Plate (Pastor)   (908)277-3700  
52. St Teresa:  Rev Marco Celis (Parochial Vicar)   (908)277-3700  
53. St Teresa:  Angela Intili (Min. of Music)   (908)277-3700  
54. St Teresa:  Sharon Ertz (Bus. Manager)   (908)277-3700  
55. St Teresa:  Greg Scime (Dir. Adult Choirs)   (908)277-3700  

56. Summit Jewish Community Center:  Avi Friedman (Rabbi)   (908)273-8130  
57. Summit Jewish Community Center:  Janet Roth Krupnick (Cantor)   (908)273-8130  
58. Summit Jewish Community Center:  William Horn (Rabbi Emeritus)   (908)273-8130  
59. Summit Jewish Community Center:  Judy Weil (Administrator)   (908)273-8130  
60. Summit Jewish Community Center:  Pam Levine (Assistant)   (908)273-8130  

61. Summit Mayor's Office:  Rita McNany (Admin)   (908)522-3600  

62. Summit Police:  Rev Ron Martin (Police Chaplain)   (908)578-1515  

63. Temple Sinai:  Stuart Gershon (Rabbi)   (908)273-4921  
64. Temple Sinai:  Marina Shemesh (Cantor)   (908)273-4921  
65. Temple Sinai:  Dr Patrick Jobe (Exec. Dir.)   (908)273-4921  
66. Temple Sinai:  Saskia Jeselsohn (Secretary)   (908)273-4921  
67. Temple Sinai:  Myra Kohn (Secretary)   (908)273-4921  

68. Unitarian:  Rev Vanessa Southern (Minister)   (908)273-3245  
69. Unitarian:  Rev Vanessa Southern (Minister)   (908)273-3245  
70. Unitarian:  Emilie Boggis (Youth Minister)   (908)273-3245  
71. Unitarian:  Kim Tomaszeski (Assistant Minister)   (908)273-3245  
72. Unitarian:  Tuli Patel (Dir. Children's Ed.)   (908)273-3245  
73. Unitarian:  Mitchell Vines (Music Dir.)   (212)666-3122  
74. Unitarian:  Carolyn Lockwood (Secretary)   (908)273-3245  

75. United Methodist:  Rev Shawn Callender Hogan (Sen. Pastor)   (908)277-1700  
76. United Methodist:  Joanne Teubner-Prussak (Music Dir.)   (908)277-1700  
77. United Methodist:  Sherri Shumate (Dir. Christian Ed.)   (908)277-1700  
78. United Methodist:  Polly del Campo (Office Admin.)   (908)277-1700  
79. United Methodist:  Church Email (Church Email)   (908)277-1700  

80. Wallace Chapel AME Zion:  Rev Denison Harrield, Jr (Pastor)   (908)277-0574  
81. Wallace Chapel AME Zion:  Rev Julius Ingram (Asst. Minister)   (908)277-0574  
82. Wallace Chapel AME Zion:  Rev Leon Randall (Retired Minister)   (908)277-0574  
83. Wallace Chapel AME Zion:  Barbara Hines (Dir. Children's Min.)   (908)277-0574  
84. Wallace Chapel AME Zion:  Jannie Butler (Dir. Youth Min.)   (908)277-0574  
85. Wallace Chapel AME Zion:  Lawton C Johnson (Organist)   (908)277-0574  
86. Wallace Chapel AME Zion:  Patricia Jackson (Pianist)   (908)277-0574  
87. Wallace Chapel AME Zion:  Patricia Jackson (Pianist)   (908)277-0574  
88. Wallace Chapel AME Zion:  Karen Hines Freeman (Secretary)   (908)277-0574  

89. St John's Lutheran:  Carolyn Rothman (Dir of Parish Ed.)   (908)273-3846  

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